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Innovation Demonstration for a Competitive and Innovative European Water Reuse Sector: DEMOWARE
Demoware Background Logo

The ability of Europe’s communities to respond to increasing water stress by taking advantage of water reuse opportunities is restricted by low public confidence in solutions, inconsistent approaches to evaluating costs and benefits of reuse schemes, and poor coordination of the professionals and organisations who design, implement and manage them.

The DEMOWARE initiative is an FP7 EU research project which aims to rectify these shortcomings by executing a highly collaborative programme of demonstration and exploitation, using nine existing and one greenfield site to stimulate innovation and improve cohesion within the evolving European water reuse sector.The project is guided by SME & industry priorities and has two central ambitions; to enhance the availability and reliability of innovative water reuse solutions, and to create a unified professional identity for the European Water Reuse sector.


Innovation for a competitive water reuse sector

BARCELONA 13-14 June 2016

The registration is free for all participants.

Accommodation special rates are available for all attendants at Hotel Vincci Maritimo. Send an e-mail to indicating the Demoware conference.

If you are interested, you may download the Water Reuse Conference Schedule

To register, please, fill out the following form. We need your name and your affiliation.

If you want to present your product or your technology in the Water Reuse Showcase, please indicate the title of your presentation your registration.

Deadline for registration is 8th of june. Demoware Drop

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